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California's Lost Coast

Charge your batteries and bring extra shoes.

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The Beach: Spring 2019

Regardless of the season or the weather there is always something to do at the beach.  Beaches offer so much more than sand, sun and swimming.  Beaches are dynamic and complicated environments.  Most beaches change throughout the year and these changes provide the casual explorer the chance to discover an incredible diversity of life.

Even beaches in urban and stressed environments, where wildlife and natural settings are less abundant or less apparent, are worth exploring.  Especially for geological or historical reasons. 

A little reading will add more fun to your traditional beach activities the next time you visit.

The plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria that live on, under, and around the beach might just surprise you.


Patrick's Point State Park: California Blue Mussel

(Mytilus californianus) on Agate Beach.


Mytilus californianus

California's Patrick's Point State Park: Agate Beach.

These rocks are well worth a day trip. 

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Xenolith Natasket Beach, Hull Massachusetts

Xenolith Nantasket Beach, Hull Massachusetts © 2018 Beach Clues

Bivalve and Ripple Marks Nantasket Beach, Hull Massachusetts. © 2018 Beach Clues

Gastropod with boreholes on Nantasket Beach, Hull Massachusetts. © 2018 Beach Clues